Neal Wagner, Ph.D.
Technical Staff
Cyber Analytics and Decision Systems Group
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood Street
Lexington, MA 02421 USA

Phone: +1-781-981-5500

Research Interests:

Evolutionary Algorithms, Agent-based Modeling and Simulation, Complex Systems, Cyber Security, Computational Forecasting, Adaptive Business Applications

Evolutionary algorithms (EA) use Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (“survival of the fittest”) as a model for creating programs that can “evolve” solutions to a given problem. Often they are used for difficult real-world problems where the number of potential solutions is too large for standard (deterministic) techniques. EA encompasses several evolution-based methods including genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolutionary programming, etc. For more information on EA, check the following website published by the American Assoc. for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).


My dissertation work was done under the supervision of Dr. Zbigniew Michalewicz, a pioneer in the field of EA. The research included the development of an adaptive method based on genetic programming for forecasting time series produced by dynamically-changing environments.
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Last updated March, 2017